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Dr. Prafulla Kumar Jain

Director - PMAD


Dr. Prafulla Kumar Jain has 33+ years experience in ISRO in areas of RF satellite communication ground systems design, development, system engineering and project management;
remote sensing receive and satcom ground stations installation & commissioning, satcom applications like tele-education, telemedicine, VSATs network configuration design, link analysis, etc. ​He had been associated with the planning of INSAT/GSAT system and various satcom applications undertaken by ISRO, spacecraft and ground system technology development, procuring launch services for GEO Satellites, spacecraft insurance and so on. He has worked for the planning and implementation of satellite communication & navigation programmes that includes planning new satellites and associated technologies.​​
He also held responsibility for transponders capacity allocation, utilization and costing/pricing as per the Satcom Policy and providing optimum satcom solutions to users, apart from resolving operational & interference issues of the existing satcom networks. ​​
He was responsible for the frequency spectrum management & coordination for acquiring orbit-spectrum resources for India's space programme at national and international level, and planning of the space segment for ISRO's communication satellites and their utilization, till he joined IN-SPACe. He has led the group responsible for handling ITU-R activities; presently Vice Chairman of ITU-R Study Group-4; Chairman of SWG 4C4 of WP 4C; Chairman of the National Study Group for satellite services; extensive contributions to WP 4C, WP 5D, CPM 19-2, APT conference group for WRC-19 (APG-19), WRC-19, RA-19, etc; coexistence studies between satellite and 5G services at national & international level, etc.​
Presently he is on Deputation to IN-SPACe, Ahmedabad and is responsible for enabling Indian Non-Government entities to use ISRO facilities and support, along with authorizing the space activities by them in the country. ​​
Specialties: Frequency spectrum management and coordination, ITU-R activities, coexistence studies between terrestrial (including 5G) and satellite services, Satcom & Navigation Planning & Management, transponders costing/pricing, transponders' capacity allocation, Earth station RF system engineering & link analysis, satcom applications including Broadcast, Mobile & VSAT networks, satellite and launch services insurance​.

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