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A Glimpse to the Afterstory of Chandrayaan-3

On August 23, 2023, India achieved a remarkable milestone in space exploration with the Chandrayaan-3's successful landing on the Moon's south pole. This specific region, marked by craters, has long intrigued astronomers due to the existence of water ice.

However, the landing is just the beginning of this carefully planned journey. The lander, named Vikram, and the rover, called Pragyan, are the main characters in this space adventure. They're like cosmic companions sent to explore the mysteries of the moon.

Imagine the lunar dawn! A delicate light illuminating the moon's surface. At this moment, Vikram and Pragyan, fueled by the sun's distant light, come to life. They have a specific window of 14 days to carry out their tasks. This time frame is unique because a day on the moon is as long as 14 days on Earth. This difference sets the rhythm for their mission.

As the sun rises, Pragyan will roll out from Vikram's platform and start its journey on the moon. This rover is an incredible piece of technology that will explore uncharted territories, collecting valuable information about the moon's atmosphere, water, minerals, and more. Meanwhile, Vikram, stationed at the landing site, becomes a guardian, receiving and transmitting Pragyan's discoveries back to Earth. It's like a telegraph sending messages from the moon to us.

But how do they start this dance? After landing, Vikram takes a pause, allowing the dust to settle. Then, its platform opens, and Pragyan gracefully descends down a ramp – a spectacular moment that lasts for hours. This careful sequence ensures Pragyan's safe landing on the moon's surface.

As Pragyan explores, Vikram serves as its guide. Vikram also has its own tools to study the moon's geology, crust, mantle, and seismic activities. This dance of exploration is a tribute to our quest for knowledge. However, the moon's extreme temperatures poses a challenge. The temperature can drop drastically, and the darkness of lunar nights makes the machines go dormant. This means Vikram and Pragyan's time together is limited, but there's hope that they might awaken after surviving the lunar night.

With Vikram and Pragyan embarking on their journey, this unlocks a door to exciting possibilities. By successfully touching down and gathering valuable data, Chandrayaan-3 might just be setting the stage for something even bigger in the near future. The insights we gain from this mission may indeed become the stepping stones to a new era of exploration, a future where we venture even deeper into the mysteries of space.

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