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IN-SPACe Reveals Plan for 30 Space Missions Scheduled Over the Next 14 Months in India

The Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACe) unveiled an ambitious plan for 30 space launches over the next five quarters, marking a significant surge in the country's space activities. This comprehensive launch schedule covers the last quarter of 2023-24 and four quarters of 2024-2025.

In the last quarter of 2023-24, three Isro missions are scheduled — one each of GSLV, PSLV, and SSLV. Additionally, the private firm Agnikul is anticipated to launch its Agnibaan rocket. For 2024-25, the manifesto outlines 13 Isro missions, including three PSLVs, three GSLVs, and seven missions related to Gaganyaan, including test vehicle missions. During this period, NewSpace India Limited (NSIL) will conduct seven launches — four PSLVs, one LVM-3, and two SSLVs. Additionally, private firms Skyroot and Agnikul will launch four and two missions, respectively, involving their rockets.

These planned launches encompass a diverse range of missions, catering to both commercial and public interests. Half of the missions will cater to the growing commercial space sector in India, while the remaining half will consist of user-funded scientific missions, technology tests, and launches crucial for national programs like Gaganyaan, India's first human spaceflight mission.

This announcement underscores India's commitment to establishing itself as a major player in the global space industry. It reflects a deliberate effort to leverage the potential of the private sector, as evidenced by the inclusion of missions by promising startups like Skyroot and Agnikul Cosmos.

This ambitious launch manifesto is expected to generate significant economic and technological benefits for India, providing opportunities for domestic companies, creating jobs, and fostering advancements in space science and technology. While the actual launch dates and specific missions may be subject to change based on technical considerations and other factors, this announcement undoubtedly signifies a bold new chapter in India's space journey, promising exciting developments in the coming quarters.

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