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RISAT-2B: Radial Rib Antenna

May 22,2019

Radial Rib antenna (RRA) is a world class technology demonstrated in-orbit today at 2:20 pm IST in the RISAT-2B spacecraft. This 3.6 metre antenna was folded & stowed during launch and later successfully unfurled & deployed in-orbit. The deployment was completed in 7 mins and 20 seconds.

Development of light weight structure, hinge mechanism, design of newer mesh, actuators etc., were some of the challenges involved in the realisation of this antenna. All such key technological elements require very high level of expertise in handling space based antenna system, excellent workmanship and building redundancy apart from managing the deployment in-orbit.

This antenna was realised indigenously by ISRO team in a record time of 13 months. Alternate import option would have taken about 3-4 years. Successful deployment of RRA in RISAT-2B establishes the combination of all skills mastered by ISRO indigenously.

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