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Unfolding Space - An Effort To Utilise The Power of 3D Design And Artistry of Origami Techniques

On October 28, 2023, the vibrant atmosphere at Third Wave Coffee in Indiranagar 17 bore witness to an exciting Brainstorming Session featuring the spirited students of Gopalan College. This engaging event brought together a diverse group of young minds eager to delve into intriguing topics, sparking intellectual curiosity and fostering collaborative discussions.

Under the guidance of team, the students explored a wide spectrum of subjects, ranging from the fascinating realm of Origami in space to the intersection of dermatology and space exploration. The enthusiastic exchange of ideas and perspectives created a dynamic environment, igniting intellectual sparks among the participants.

At the heart of the session was a deep dive into a strategic plan, meticulously crafted during the brainstorming session. This strategic roadmap, marked as Plan 1, outlines the crucial steps necessary to realize our ambitious goal—constructing a prototype model K. Leveraging the innovative prowess of 3D design and incorporating the intricate artistry of origami techniques, this plan sets the stage for a unique and groundbreaking project.

The collaboration between the students and our dedicated team during this event exemplifies's commitment to fostering a culture of exploration and innovation. Stay tuned for more exciting ventures and discoveries as we continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and creativity.

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