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Agnirva Community Guidelines

These are the community guidelines for Minds of Agnirva Space.


Mutual Respect, for one and for all

Agnirva Space is about showing respect to one another and earning respect from others. Mutual Respect for each other's skills, thoughts and competencies is the guiding light of Agnirva Space.


Spirit of Collaboration, to build India's space journey together

As Minds of Agnirva Space, you sign up to create a futuristic community that is intelligent, responsive, welcoming to new ideas and thoughts, improve the overall community and work to foster a spirit of collaboration between all Minds.


Diversity and Tolerance, to attract value and brilliance

Diversity is a key strength to uphold at Agnirva Space and you sign up to actively encourage diversity of thought, beliefs and identity within this community. You also signup to respect the person but also challenge prejudice that could discourage an active Agnirva Mind to continue their participation in Agnirva Space Community.


Meritocracy and Democracy, side-by-side

Agnirva Space is a community driven by a desire to have all thoughts heard, but only value those thoughts with sufficient merit displayed by the sharer of the thought.  


Help, always

As minds of Agnirva Space, you signup to help other Indian spacetech contributors to the best of your ability. 


Leadership, in times of need

As minds of Agnirva Space, you are seen as a leader who helps solve complex situations and lead the way in solving, individually or collectively, as the situation requires


Credit, where it is due

As minds of Agnirva Space, you are seen as someone who gives credit to the person deserving it and doing so sooner. And yes, you also expect reciprocity from others to do the same

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